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Introduction Welcome to this blog on behalf of Black and Progressive Sociologists for Obama. The purpose of this blog is to serve as resource for our work, as sociologists, in promoting the Presidential campaign of Senator Barack Obama. Senator Obama represents a chance for a New America and New World. Rather than politics as usual, his candidacy is a political movement for change in America. His candidacy is in the ascendancy. He represents hope for the future. Personally, I am Robert Newby, Professor Emeritus Central Michigan. On behalf of this working group of black and progressive sociologists committed to the election of Senator Barack Obama for President, I am serving as editor of this blog. Feel free to submit or recommend relevant sources for the site. For more information on the working group and its signatories see the purpose at the end of the blog. Contact: rnewby07@charter.net. For information on the working group contact Donald Cunnigen at: donaldcunnigen@cox.net