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Location Vaasa, Finland
Introduction My name is Frida, I am 26 years and was born in Stockholm, Sweden. I have lived in Vaasa, Finland for four years now, I study here to become a special needs teacher. I am active in the student union and at the university. I am ambitious and according to my sister (who is my best friend in the world) a bit crazy. I love to read, try new things, to travel, go to the theater, the opera, spend time with friends and do sports. Every summer I go up north to the mountains to hike, I also do scuba diving, horse back riding, sail, swim, ski, skate...
Interests Travel, go hiking in the mountains, go skiing, skating, scuba diving, reading, theatres, museums, watching movies, horseback riding, cooking, baking, discussing philosophy politics or whatever...
Favorite Movies Movies: same as music and books. Enjoys all genres, depending on the mood. I prefer dramas, but somtimes you just need something easier to relax.
Favorite Music Music: depends on the mood. Listen to music from all genres; classical, opera, alternative, rock, country... I get most of my music from my sister, my brother and friends so it varies a lot:)
Favorite Books Love to read, always have. I read everything, but prefer books that leaves some kind of print in me. At the moment I am reading some books on politics, I just finished "the painted veil" which I really enjoyed, also just finished "Let me sing you gentle songs", am currently reading like 10 other books...