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Introduction From a small town girl in southern Minnesota, to the metropolis of Minneapolis; to the southern beaches of Florida; my life has led me everywhere and come full circle. In 1969, my aunt retired from a world-renown hospital and clinic in southern MN. She gave me her surgical kit replete with the name embossed on it, sans all the sharps. Therein started my love of science and medicine and all things... and life led me to here. Where I've chronicled my path from executive in the business world to a long, winding path through premed and finally, To medical school applications. If I am accepted, I will become the oldest allopathic (MD) student ever in the history of the US. The oldest is now an MS-2 at a school on the east coast (more or less). If accepted, a 45 year dream with hurdles, hoops, jumps, cliffs and other adventures will start really coming to fruition. Hope you'll enjoy the journey with me!

The squish of mud between your toes; how would you live your life as a frog?