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Introduction I am a not-so-good chess player with a keen interest on the various gambits. After experimenting with the Smith-Morra, I fell in love with the Blackmar-Diemer because of its rude attack on the enemy king. I authored the book "Attack with the Blackmar Diemer" and am considering a second edition of it, expanding it with the Bogoljubow and Euwe defenses. I fully agree with Wilhelm Steinitz when he said : "Chess is a scientific game and its literature ought to be placed on the basis of the strictest truthfulness, which is the foundation of all scientific research". That is why I spent a lot of time on the analysis of the various Blackmar Diemer positions using the strongest silicon assistants. However, I tend to guide them a (big) bit by the work of the old masters. I also think that, just like the game of checkers, all serious chess positions will one day be completely analysed and the game of chess will be de-facto resolved. This will not be the end of chess - on the contrary , computers have only strengthened the game of chess and brought mankind to a new level of perfection in the game of chess.
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