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Gender MALE
Occupation Retired Journalist
Location San Francisco, CA, United States
Introduction We're former journalists from San Francisco. Lynn is now retired. Margo is a handyhuman. We spent the fall of 2009 on a road trip around the country that we called our "Victory Lap." The nest was newly empty, with Kenny, our baby girl, off to college. We planned a huge circle around the country, thinking of the track stars who grab a flag, and wave it over their heads as they lope around the track one more time, reveling in a job well done. The plan was to start at our home on San Francisco's Bernal Hill, go north to the Canadian border, then turn east until we hit the Atlantic, then south till we hit water again, and go west and then north, completing the circle. It didn't work out quite that way ... it was more of a wobbly line north, then a wild zig-zag east. In the end, our path around the country was shaped less like a oval than like a chubby dog with its snout pointed up. (A map is posted in "Table of Content," Jan. 25.) Whatever its contour, it was a great trip for us and we hope our friends enjoy our posts from the road.