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Industry Education
Occupation Intervention Specialist
Location Cincinnati, Ohio, United States
Introduction My name is Rebecca, Becca to my close friends. I live in a suburban/urban area of Cincinnati. I am married to Josh and we have three kids: Eden, Wyatt and Adeline. I am a Special Ed teacher (reformed from the Marketing Communication world previously). Eden is a blonde fire cracker and Wyatt just happens to have one [EXTRA] strand of the 21st Chromosome (Trisomy 21 or Down syndrome to the general public) and Adeline is our boisterous third with lungs like an Opera singer. I don't consider myself overly creative, but I love to be inspired by others creativity, thoughts, ideas and information to make something new or learn something new! I can't, and don't pretend to, do it all by myself, with working and teaching and...well, just life. So I'm using this forum to tell you all about this amazing new [EXTRA]ordinary life I have been given and how all of us in my little corner of the universe support, inspire, teach and learn from one another. It's truly [EXTRA]ordinary.
Interests Running, music, comprehensive educational strategies for children with special abilities.
Favorite Movies THe Notebook, of course...what girl doesn't love that movie...?!
Favorite Music I love many genres and styles. My current favorite: Adele. Although my guilty pleasure is cheesy, upbeat pop music.
Favorite Books The Catcher in the Rye, The Last Lecture (which I read as my onw father was sick) and I am currently reading The Curious Incident of the Dog in the Nighttime with my class and I really love this book, too.

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