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Industry Non-Profit
Occupation being insanly and gloriously joyful [1 Peter 1:3-9]
Location Here..where I am..., In this state of confusion?, Serbia
Introduction the musings and non-musings, pictures and imageless squares, poems, lyrics and quotes both belonging to a girl with a broken heart trying to make sense of something in this upside-down world and to those much wiser and farther up and in than she. "striving to enter through the narrow door is a lifelong, all-day, every-day calling." John 3:30 [it's not about me,]; Colossians 3:3 [my life...] Galations 2:20 [is not my own]; 1 Peter 5:10 -- [but i have hope in my future, and it's of an amazing nature.]
Interests your mom
Favorite Movies The Princess Bride!, The Bourne Movies, Newsies, The Gidget Moves (:-P), You've got Mail, Pride and Prejudice, Apollo 13, Lord of the Rings, extended Two Towers, Elizabeth Town, Batman Begins, Spiderman, Gods and Generals, Anne of Green Gables, The Dead Poet's Society (!!!!!), The 'Burbs
Favorite Music All American-Rejects, Beatles, Ben Harper, Bob Dylan, Bob Marley, Coldplay, Cranberries, Dave Matthews, Death Cab for Cutie, Green Day (ish), Ingrid Michaelson, Jack Johnson, Jimmy Eat World, Johnny Cash, (haha! Jimmy, Johnny, and Jack! okay, nevermind...), Luke's, Marie Digby, Norah Jones, Radiohead, Red Hot Chili Peppers, Smashing Pumpkins, Sons of Korah, U2, Weezer, White Stripes, Widespread Panic, this guy who has a name that starts with a 'y' and plays gorgeous piano music, broadway music, my cousin's band, jazz, movie soundtracks
Favorite Books the Bible, all those classics, Jane Austin's mad writings (like P&P, Sanditon, Persuasion!), Tolkien's simply AMAZING brain thinkings (LOTR, Hobbit, etc), Jack Lewis' insanely grand work (Mere Christianity, Chronicals of Narnia, Screwtape Letters, etc.), Sherlock Holmes (my darling!! :o) ), Dr. Suess (Fox in Socks! Horten hears a Who! Bartholomew and the Oobleck!!!!!), Shakespeare, Redwall Mossflower and all those grand stories, Eragon, Eldest, Twilight, New Moon, Eclipse, 13 Clocks, Don't Waste Your Life, Spiritual Disciplines etc. etc. et cetera

You've written a hit musical! How will you avoid having fame go to your head?

I shall begin first by eating my green peas every day. Then, I'll make sure I go do the worm and swim 4 laps 3 times a week. If that doesn't work, I'll head off to the organic food section in Mejer.