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Industry Non-Profit
Occupation Artist/Scientist/Producer
Location San Francisco Bay Area, Northern California, United States
Introduction "True charity remembers not only those in need who ask, but also those who are prevented by some reason from asking." -Sura 51:19 * contact me if interested in doing something charitable of any sort! - Besides believing it possible to save the world from atomic oblivion by Utopian design - other hobbies are to travel - to all the sacred and holy "power" spots of the world as a travel show (wanna do some multi-tasking like that with me?) I study anthropology, all kinds of medicine, acupuncture & acupressure on people & animals, slowly starting to play rock guitar (shyly) - can surely sing the blues - & can at least have fun - at best be an ultimate rock star! (who doesn't know that's fun?) Am currently working on a thesis on Ecopsychological Warfare & active in the Compassion Council of the World Peace Force. I welcome kindred spirits, things that inspire, romantic love with magic...
"Vain, boastful talk repels acts of kindness and tears the branch of mercy from the trunk of the tree. Speak honestly or else be silent, and then behold grace and delight in it." -Rumi, "Mathnawi" [III, 751-752]
Interests Harm reduction, Nature, Ecopsychology, Science, Alchemy, Spirituality, Qu'ran, Music, Film, Multimedia, Organic, Great Food, Fun, Norwegian, Native American, Golden Age of Islam, Water, Animals, Love, Love!, Love!!
Favorite Movies intelligent romantic comedies with happy endings! my real life movie in theater verite' - my friend in Baghdad - check out his blog -
Favorite Music Rock, these words I love:, "And the men who hold high places, Must be the ones to start, to mould a new reality, Closer to the heart, The blacksmith and the artist, Reflect it in their art, Forge their creativity, Closer to the heart, Philosophers and ploughmen, Each must know his part, To sow a new mentality, Closer to the heart, You can be the captain, I will draw the chart, Sailing into destiny, Closer to the heart", 'Words by neil peart and peter talbot
Favorite Books those ones that appear at just the right time...

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Everything - if you look at it a certain way! :-) "Look deep into nature and then you will understand everything better." Albert Einstein