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Gender Female
Industry Investment Banking
Location Singapore
Introduction I'm a neurotic, anal, fussy, picky, bitchy, mean, snobbish cow. :D I am also brutally honest and frank about everything. :) I can also be sweet and nice if I wanna be, depends on who I'm talking to. But you guys know you love me anyways. :P You can contact me to complain, praise, whatever really:- my email > pj.lifesucks@gmail.com or i have hello > pjm83 but you know, I have an intelligence and looks criteria. If you are neither, well then. :) Maybe you can just stay anonymous..*evil laughter*

When you hesitate before hitting snooze on your alarm clock, are you being lazy?

no, you're just weird. I wouldn't hestitate at all... this should be a conditioned response. Pavlov would be proud of me.