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Gender Male
Industry Technology
Location United States
Interests I love computers, music, technology, gadgets, movies, wearable computers, reverse engineering, reading ebooks only of course-get with the times people. Anything futuristic & modern, I hate traditional regular homes-I rather have a smart home that talks w/ X10 hardware & software(hal3000)-home automation Controlled through my IPAD & IPHONE 3G & a home that does not look like a home, you know something different the only way to be, because just going through life being like everyone else (sucks). Peace!
Favorite Movies Strange Days, Harsh Realm, Finalcut, Matrix, Cypher, Hackers, Aeonflux, Threshold tv series, Stargate Atlantis tv series, Cleopatra 2525 tv series, Firstwave tv series, Earth 2 tv series, Sleeper Cell showtime series, Serenity, X3 Xmen, Dark Angel tv series, The Gosbel, Brothers, The Davinci Code, Heroes, House Hunters, What you get for the money, I want that, I want that tech(It airs on hgtv & fine living Channel)The outerlimits tv series( The New Series), Swordfish, The Marine, Big Momma's House 1, 2, ATL, SeaQuest DSV tv show, Odyssey tv series, Batman Begins, Guess Who, Madea's Family Reunion, The Sentinel, 24 tv series, Greys Anatomy Mr & Mrs.Smith, Hustle N Flow, Lost In Space, Save the last dance, Resident Evil, Brothers, Poetic Justice, Kings & Queens Of Comedy, How To be a player, Friday, Lost Boys, Lost in space, UnderWorld 1-2 & 3, Alien Verses Predator, Blade 1-2 & 3-Blade Trinity cuzz vampires are the bomb, Firewall, Ultraviolet, Etc & the list goes on & on. Now my fav shows are 24, Alias, Numb3rs, Grey's Anatomy, Judge Judy, UFO Files, alien hunter, NCIS, Neosoul Cafe, Beyond Tomorrow, I Want That Tech, E-Ring, mostly sci-fi, Action and spy type shows, hacker type shows of course. Stargate I love expecially the new Stargate Atlantis, Battlestar Galactica, Eureka, some reality shows, Veronica Mars (yeh I know) but thats me. Call for help 2.0 from Canada, any tech shows like from the science channel, like Techknowledge, Beyond Tomorrow, Building the Ultimate, Future Weapons, HGTV shows like I want that, I Want That Tech, Worlds Most Extreme Homes, If walls could talk, Rezone, Design To Sell, Design On A Dime, House Hunters, What You Get For The Money and You know home interior design type shows I love. Like trading spaces and While you were out.
Favorite Music My favorite music is and will always be Rap-HipHop-Reggae, Ragga Muffin-Spoken word because I just love poetry and plus I write poetry & ofcourse R&B because I love slow cuts. Some of them that I listen to are R-Kelly, Ronald Isley, Alia, 112, sisco, jodeci, old new edition, teddy pender grass, kelly price, Indie Arie, Mrs keys etc, just straight smoove, Rage against the machine, N.E.R.D, relaxing music it is all good for me.oh & I am a 2Pac addict, I even like some rock, new age future cyberpunk type of music sometimes, yeh I know wierd, but thats me wierd, sometimes corney and not affraid to be me because thats me, take it or leave it. real is real & I am.
Favorite Books I read a lot of books, but mostly Ebooks online: 1.)Moving to Linux- Kiss the Blue Screen of Death Goodbye!(I love this book(It taut me so much about linux & I would buy all of this writers books because he has an excellent way to teach through his books), 2.)Kevin Mitnick - Art Of Deception(nothing crazy just about a computer hacker and reverse engineering), 3.)Google Bible, 4.)Using Linux, 5.)Teach Yourself Linux in 24 Hours, 6.)Red Hat Linux Unleashed, Second Edition, 7.)Linux in Plain English, 8.)Linux Complete Command Reference, 9.)LINUX System Administrator's Survival Guide, 10.)Special Edition Using Linux, Fourth Edition, 11.)A Practical Guide to Linuxr Commands, Editors, and Shell Programming, 12.)100 linux tips and tricks, 13.)SUSE Linux 9.3 For Dummies, 14.)O'Reilly - Learning Debian GNU Linux(my fav linux well atleast debian book). 15.)Mac.OS.X.Bible, 16.)Oreilly.MacOSX.The.Missing.Manual.2nd.Edition, 17.)Hardcore Windows XP, 18.)Microsoft Windows XP Power Toolkit, 19.)Microsoft Windows XP Registry Guide, 20.)Microsoft Windows XP Inside Out, 20.)Windows XP 101 Hot Tips-Illustrated-2005, 21.)Windows XP Annoyances, 22.)Windows XP Bible, 23.)Windows XP Hacks, 24.)Windows XP Tricks, 25.)Google Hacks, 26.)Dreamweaver MX Bible, 27.)Macromedia Flash MX 2004, 28.)Illustrator in 24 hours, 29.)Adobe Premiere 6 Bible, 30.)Adobe GoLive 5 Bible, 31.), Flash MX Design for TV and Video, & the list goes on & on because when you work & play in the computer world you have to always keep updated on the new technology & over & over be retrained so you can stay up to date, but I enjoy it because I love technology, computers and gadgets. Oh another good book is (urantia) it is sorta a new age version sorta of the bible.