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Introduction Hi! Welcome to my profile. Drop by anytime you want and make yourself at home coz you'll never be invited to come to my real house. This is all you can get. hihihi!! lol!

3 things I'd like you to know
1. This is actually a personal blog. It just love to travel and it ended up being a travel blog somehow. Documenting it in my most NATURAL way makes it uhmm.. well natural. I don't know. Whatever you may call it. hahah!

2. Expect a lot of grammatical errors. I can actually submit my entries to English Professors as a QUIZ for spot-the-wrong-ones-in-a-sentence-and-rewrite-to-make-it-correct type. Really. (inuunahan ko na kayo. hahah!)

3. I have no plans of going out of my cul de sac anytime soon. Therefore I rarely read entries related to places abroad. It's not that I'm not interested. My memory is just in it's state of deterioration. Hindi ko lang ma-aabsorb yan. hahah! Oh and yeah, duwakers aketch.

Again! Thank you and welcome. Enjoy reading!