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Occupation Being here now
Location Not where I want to be, yet here I am
Introduction True story. Not long ago I had a dream that wasn't a dream. A man who looked like Lurch without theatrical make-up introduced himself to me saying he was my angel and his name was Leon. He went on to report he was a loser, he'd done a lousy job with my life, and he was sorry. Shocked, not pleased and aware I was not going to be given time for questions, I reassured and comforted him because he was clearly in distress. Then I woke up. What's happening now, besides a lot of cussing, are missives to Leon regarding his trash fire entrance and what he needs to do to angel the fuck up because, really? I've got to help my help? Warning: I have no expectation or idea what any of this means or where it is going, nor should you.