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Location San Francisco, California, United States
Introduction I like to work in all types of mediums and on various types of surfaces. I call my most recent works of art painter mache. This is because of the many random layers of paper and paint that are built up to create an abstract image. Grizzly bears have an amazingly odd jointed body and their fur has many colors that create what we see as brown. I enjoy painting grizzlies and I really enjoy painting them big. They represent an outsider coming into a tamed city of walls all the way from the wild. Through my painting style, the image and the spirit of the grizzly allows me to drip, splash, spray and apply the paint heavily to the surface. The image almost becomes sculptural because the mediums are so built up. Amongst the chaos of the painted body of the grizzly, I also capture their spirit by painting their eyes, snout, and mouth in a refined and realistic manner. With this type of modeling, the bears seem to take on a life of their own.