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Occupation Jeweler, Artist & Sound Chaunteuse
Location San Francisco, Bay Area
Introduction Welcome to my new blog. Here you will find my artwork Current & past creations. From Altered Art Collage pieces, to Resin Jewelry, Sterling & Art Clay Silver work, photography, digital art, paintings & whatever else my muse wants to divulge. Please take a look around & comment on what you see if you like. This is all new to me though I have many things to let out & many outlets to marvel in. Thanks, ~Ruby~
Interests Loves: berries, vanilla almond breeze, digital photography, photoshop, skulls, Horror movies, cheese, making dark ambient & ethereal sounds, working with Sterling Silver & stones, Art NouVeau & Art Deco, 20's-40's fashion, Renaissance & Medieval designs, Orange/Ginger Lip Balm, collecting bits, carving my own rubber stamps. . . Some old & new skool fave artists: Ivan Albright, H.P. Lovecraft, Alphonse Mucha, Michael DeMeng . . .
Favorite Movies Horror, Sci-Fi, Cheesy B. I love Zombie Flicks & end of the world flicks/apocalyptic (though I suppose they are sort of one in the same). Dagon, The Last Man on Earth, House on Haunted Hill (most Vincent Price Classics), screaming skull, cabinet of Dr. Calgari, the Tingler, Dr Phibes, phantom of the paradise, The Thing, Slither, Shivers, Ninth Gate, Shawn of the Dead, Resident Evil, 28 days later, Rosemarys baby, Soylent Green, the day after tomorrow, They Live, VideoDrome, Time Bandits, Young Frankenstein, Snow White a tale of terror, Fahrenheit 451, Altered States, The Original Demon Seed 'The Omen', Hellboy, Eternal, War of the Worlds (remake & Original), the 10th Kingdom, Arabian Nights, Farscape...
Favorite Music Dark Ambient, Ethereal, quirky Indie, Noize, Darkwave, gothic, Bellydance, The Blues .... Bauhuas, Jarboe, Swans, Lycia, Dead Can Dance, Vas, Solace, the Moon lay Hidden beneath a Cloud, Current 93, Dark Muse, Lustmord, Negativeland Land Live, First Massive Attack Album, Blonde Redhead, the Pretenders, Ataraxia, Caprice, Chrome, Dome, Cocteau Twins, Zappa, Siouxsie and the Banshees, Foetus, Hexentenz, John Lee Hooker, Tom Waits, KoKo Taylor, Nina Simone, Portishead, PJ, Joy Division, Tones on Tail, Sonic Youth, Ministry, Nico, Throbbing Gristle, My Bloody Valentine, LadyTron, etc...
Favorite Books 'Secrets of Rusty Things', The Art of Resin Jewelry, The Altered Object