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Gender Female
Occupation Girouette bricoleuse
Location Brooklyn, New York
Introduction i like ruminating the contradictions of our existence but this is more a place for me to talk about items i make and ponder creative follies.
Interests 93, acting, affection, alcohol, aromatherapy, art, b-rate movies, bc rich, bass, batman, betty page, biochemical warfare, breakdancing, bunkers, bustles, cats, catwoman, clubbing, collective consciousness, composing music, conspiracy theories, corsets, cote d'azur, cynism, david lynch, death rock, dj-ing, ed wood, emotions, ethnology, experimental art/music, expressionism, fashion, fender, film, freaks, giger, hedonism, hermetic sciences, himalayans, industrial music, john waters, junk-art, knitting, korg, lautréamont, monsters, nietzsche, nihilism, nina hagen, noise, people watching, performance art, philip k. dick, philosophy, photo chop-chop, pin-ups, pop-art, post-apocalyptic, power-electronics, pre-raphaelites, propaganda, provence, psychobilly, rockabilly, russ meyers, samplers, scenography, scents, science-fiction, sequencers, sewing, siamese, silent movies, sonic youth, splatter punk, steam-punk, subcultures, surréalisme, syncretism, synthesizers, tchai, the cramps, the munsters, theatre, theatre-therapy, toys, troma movies, ufos, vampira, vintage horror films, world-serpent, x files, Cosmetics, bamboo needles, shoegazer, epiphone, boss pedals, the annabelle chongs, retablos, folk art, bust magazine, vogue knitting, organic, yoga, rodney yee, bhangra
Favorite Movies a night on earth, cry baby, white zombie, the brain that never died, gilda, plan 9 from outer space, zoolander, life is beautiful, enemy of the state, blazing saddles, bridget jones, nosferatu, star wars trilogy, twelve angry men, blade runner, the producers, haexen, the naked gun, pulp fiction, amelie, la cite des enfants perdus, gone with the wind, alien (s), lost highway, faster pussycat kill kill, the rocky horror picture show, elephant man, saved, napoleon dynamite, ghost world, lotr trilogy, true romance, mullholland drive, thelma and louise, reservoir dogs, sin city, edward scissorhands, arsenic and old lace, tout sur ma mere, and so on and so forth...
Favorite Music krchhhh vrrrrrrrrrr ploink ploink
Favorite Books les chants de maldoror, the golden bough, siddharta, le pendule de foucault, the mists of avalon, lots of Camus, french theatre, aesthetics, all p.k dick, fassbinder, technical reads, art manuals, historical fiction and when in transit some really edulcorated girlie bubble-gum fluff. i have been reading to much of of screens and not paper lately.