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Occupation apprentice metalsmith
Location hedgesville, wv, United States
Introduction i am the head apprentice and den mother of house rabenwald/rabenwald metalsmything. we are medeival reenactors, participating in the SCA, Dagorhir, Markland, and various ren faires.....i have undiagnosed fibromyalgia, so i'm interested in new research on that front.... otherwise, i go through hobby phases: for now, i'm knitting and weaving....next week, maybe compulsive garb research....later, something else will strike my fancy. feel free to dangle something within my view (like string dangling at a cat!) and see if i'll run with it.........
Interests fiber crafts, sewing, knitting, weaving, lampworking, research (currently, viking, turkish, persian, indian, romani/gypsy, fibromyalgia, ) metalworking, reading, and the list goes on...........
Favorite Movies mostly, sci-fi, and, fantasy, ...... labyrinth, dark crystal, legend, hellboy, van helsing, 13th warrior, reign of fire, LOTR, riddick, blade trilogy, ....and that's just off the top of my head!!
Favorite Music i'm really eclectic....and again with the phases....currently it's, live, u2, enigma, ....always it's, metallica s&m, (comfort music!), somedays it's, bowie, apocalyptica, k's choice, ......really depends on mood.
Favorite Books do i really hafta pick one??? i read constantly and consistently.....i read, anne mccaffrey, marion zimmer bradley, heinlein, anne rice, jim butcher, laurell k. hamilton, madeleine l'engle (rip), stephan lawhead, bernard cornwell, susan cooper, vonnegut, anything with, brian froud, ......and that's the short list, of what i could think up quickly......