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Occupation writer -published for many years, now struggling.
Location Lanzarote, Spain
Introduction Author of children's books, including Charlotte Sometimes, adult novels autobiographical anthologies. Now trying her luck on the internet with 'Lifting the World.' She lives in exiled bliss - mostly - on a Canary Island,with her very own beloved, helping to tend the rock pool in their kitchen. And continuing to write; this blog, not least. Loves malt whisky, her Beloved's cooking (most of the time) books, the sound of the cello, hot baths and octopus eyes, dark chocolate and boiled eggs. Above all she loves - and misses - her grandchildren, provided she can send them home when SHE chooses...
Interests Dangerous to the head, mostly, only rarely to the body.
Favorite Movies too many to name. Try The World of Apu, Being John Malkovitch, Little Miss Sunshine for 3
Favorite Music Anything from pop through Johnny Cash to Mozart to Harrison Birtwhistle; provided its GOOD
Favorite Books Heavens. Middlemarch above all. Too many otherwise - from history to (good) crime fiction to list.

The children are waiting! Please tell them the story about the bald frog with the wig:

I hate marshmallows! That's why I slew the dragon.