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Occupation physician
Location East Bay, California
Introduction My current practice of Medical Counseling and former practice (over 25 years) of being a family doctor have allowed me the privilege of a warmly confidential relationship with innumerable people, amazing people who have generously shared their lives and their stories with me.

I find that my personal experiences as a woman, physician, mother, and a person living with an invisible disability of chronic back pain, intertwine with the stories of my patients, family, and friends to form a tapestry lined with wonder and mystery. If we look closely, it is here that the hero inside can be revealed.
Interests In Medical Counseling, I use mind-body-spirit techniques and my professional and personal experience to help individuals and families who live with illness, pain, stress, and medical conditions. Together, we find and strengthen their inner resources, promote healing, and I help them navigate an often daunting medical system, offering recommendations and problem-solving as needed. I am married (to a “wonderful guy”), have two teens, and various animals. I love to sing, read, enjoy nature, garden, cook, and write.