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Gender Female
Industry Fashion
Occupation Dream Catcher
Location Manila, Philippines
Introduction Fashion Aficionado.Vintage Junkie. Dreamer.Pragmatist. Ruler of my earth- bowing to the God of my universe.
Interests Nature trippin', autumn, bronzers, joyrides, BookSale, ONLINE SHOPPING (aargh breaks the bank but super addicting), Plain SHOPPING (money flies fast!), Mineral make-up, SHOES!!! Mcdonalds, cruisin' at the expressway + great music on the background, writing, prose&poetry, Sleeping, Laughing, making noise everywhere, the hand movements (beware?haha), DVD marathons w/ duckie, Dolphins n' kittens, stilettos, boys and girls (ha3!), nostalgic overdrives, and non-conforming. :P baby girl :)<br><br> Things you might not know about me:<br><br> 1)I can't whistle<br> 2) I hate fish belly and smoked fish(as in tinapa)<br> 3)I hate my hair (swear)<br> 4)I love dolphins and I cry over them whenever I watch them in NGC. haha.<br> 5)I desperately want to gain weight and for me being skinny is a f*$@*ng burden.<br> 6) I can't drink medicines like capsules or tablets that measures bigger than .25" in diameter. It chokes me to tears.<br> 7) My shoulder looks dislocated due to excessive thinness. I hate it.<br> 8) I prefer on riding old taxis.The new ones make me want to vomit everytime.<br> 9) I bought my 1st car last year but until now I still can't drive. And I have no license.<br> 7)I am the happiest when I travel.:)
Favorite Movies My fave indie movie "Children of Heaven" (a must-see), Lilo&Stitch, League of Extraordinary Gentlemen, I am Sam, Reality Bites, Empire records, 13 ghosts, Amorres Perros, 10 things, Gandhi, Love Actually, Y Tu Mama Tambien, Boys Don't Cry!!!
Favorite Music Mostly light alternatives --I LIKE: U2 and COLDPLAY the most. Also Live, GooGooDolls, Lifehouse, Oasis, The Calling, Splender, ToriAmos, DaveMatthews, Dishwalla, A Perfect Circle, JarsofClay, BenFolds, Incubus, DuncanSheik, GinBlossoms, Hootie& dBlo wfish, Alanis Morrissette. I also like local bands like Sugarfree, Paramita, Stonefree.
Favorite Books Angels&Demons, DaVinciCode, He's Just Not Into You (ay nako basahin nio), works of John Grisham & Anne Rice. Ay onga all time fave, my bible on sarcasm TWISTED by Ms.Jessica Zafra and my latest.. Paulo Coelho (thanks lily and florian hehe)

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