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Gender MALE
Occupation Humorist
Location Anaheim, California, United States
Introduction I grew up in Los Angeles, and now I live in Anaheim, CA. Graduated from CSULB. I have Insomnia. I drink Coffee everyday. Maybe That's why I have insomnia. I'm a big fan of Stand up comedy and comedy in general. I do stand up comedy and write monologue jokes; many which have been published by the NY Times Humor Blog. To hire me for writing assignments, email me
Interests I like stand up comedy, steven wright, mitch hedgberg, coffee, books, chess, the pixies, velvet underground, real hip hop like gangstar, krs one, wu-tang, rakim, graffiti artists, djs, b-boying, charles bukowski, cholos, tacos from east l.a, estrada court projects, ethnic foods like lebanese and thai, serial killers but only on T.V, los angeles before the hipsters arived in los feliz (check out the song by grouch on this topic, poker, funny people that don't know it, mentally disturbed people, good friends, family, mexico, drivers that let u in when you signal, people that say excuse me and thank you, people that say "you have a point iz", creative geniuses that stuck to their point of view even when it was unorthodox, performing artists, the humble, grouchy old men, old school punk rock, ghost documentaries, the first 48, twilight zone, MMA fighting, boxing, clever points of view, international soccer, rants and raves on craigs list, odd news from the internet, the lil cave in highland park, fender's bar and grill, machaca, murals, people with accents, cutting to the chase, clarity, jesus(my mexican friend. he forgives too). I DO NOT LIKE: judgmental people, tailgaters, sneaky people, taking advantage of the weak, people that take forever to order, wanna be paris hiltons, indie types (though i like some music), nosey people, unoriginal souls, clubs, crowds, people that don't get it.
Favorite Movies Napoleon Dynamite, Office Space, Bukowski Documentary, and documentaries on suicide bombers.
Favorite Music My Favorite band is the Pixies.
Favorite Books The Artist Way and any book that can make me think or laugh.