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Gender MALE
Industry Real Estate
Location Midwest, United States
Introduction Bruce Wilds is a contractor that owns real estate in the Midwest, his holdings include apartments and office complexes. He is anchored to reality and the economy as he maintains, designs, and leases buildings. This has made him keenly aware of rapidly changing lifestyles, this blog incorporates many of the experiences and knowledge from his hands-on business style, extensive travels, and studies of history, politics and economics.
Interests He exhibits strong environmental concerns and a deep social and cultural awareness; his other interests include sailing and photography. He is currently planning an eleven country trip while working on a manuscript called “Blitz Travel.” This is about an intense style of travel and the benefit of traveling light.
Favorite Books Bruce Wilds is also the author of the book "Advancing Time", the book focuses on how the ever quickening pace of change impacts today’s society and the massive challenges it creates. He feels that it is crucial we understand that we are living in a unique era the likes never before experienced by past generations. History viewed in the framework of mans time on earth forms the crux of this somewhat radical perspective. Journeys from the beginning of man to our current state helps us make sense of our fast changing chaotic world. Advancing Time illuminates the responsibilities society faces. Used as a tool it clarifies the choices before mankind, guiding and giving hope to those who want to have a positive impact.