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Occupation yoga teacher, office manager, reiki master and polarity practitioner, former physicist
Location MA

The illusion refers to my perception of reality and the entertainment is what I get from writing and hopefully on occasion you get from reading. Hope you enjoy.

This body/mind is an east coast educated physicist and mystic. I have searched/lived through all the major religions and ended up simply a spiritual person . I love to ponder the questions that reside between the known and unknown or the provable and unprovable. heheh science and religion.

I am clear that the things that arise in this head are not the things that arise in yours. Let's share.


Interests Consciousness, yoga, music, the one I love, things we least expect, politics, things I know the least about, humor, whatever is in the moment, stupid tv shows, and sometimes fashion
Favorite Movies TV shows I love: Revenge, Suits, House, Survivor, Touch, Warehouse 13, Life on Mars, Lost, Fairly Legal, oh and the one with the therapist and obnoxious football player
Favorite Music Adam Lambert, Train, Mumford & Sons, 70's rock, Moody Blues
Favorite Books Silence of the Heart, The God Delusion, This