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Introduction If somehow you’ve stumbled across this blog, know that it’s a private journal which just happens to be stored in the collective human attic of the internet. I don't write for an audience. It's just a tool I'm using during this very painful process. Sometimes when I'm perseverating about something, it helps to just pick up my phone and dump the thoughts into a post. Then it’s out and I can move on with other responsibilities. Yes, the blog name doesn't seem to fit the tone. I'm hardly feeling like an iridescent butterfly at the moment, and most of my entries are far too angry or hurt to sound grateful, but I titled it that in hopes that eventually, I'll be worthy of that moniker. If you’re reading this, and it resonates with you, great, but that's not my intent. I just needed a place to record my process, and it's a very incomplete reflection of that at best; I only manage to write down a fraction of what I'm actually experiencing. There's so much more to the story, to me, and to my response to it. But there's simply not enough time for more on the blog, and since this is a tool for me and not a complete picture for imaginary/nonexistent readers, that's fine.