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Gender Female
Industry Student
Occupation Full Time Student
Location G-Burg, MD, United States
Introduction I'm SO COOL THAT IT'S INSANE! My name is Ashley but you can call me Miss Ashley. I'm 20 and pretty mature for my age. I didn't concider myself a girly girl until a little while ago. I'm not stuck up i LOVE Betsey Johnson :) i love the color Purple (the color not the play or w/e it was) but i wear a lot of Pink. I'm starting to like punk music. If you haven't noticed by my picture I'm Mixed! 1/2 Chinese 1/2 Italian, Native American, Mexican. I'm a bundle of joy and loads of fun. I am shy when I go on dates with someone, but then i open up (if i like them). I'm really focused on school right now i have plans and goals for after i graduate (more on that later). I've always been a creative person throughout my whole life and i was a AWESOME child when i was a baby. Family is my number one asset my precious pride and joy. I would die without my Dad, Mom or my Brother. I love them so much that everytime i think of them i cry (like im tearing up right now! lol) I'll just leave it at this. If you would like to more just comment me, Thanks. :)
Interests I LOVE CARS! Supra 98 TT OMG how BAD do i want one of those!, Betsey Johnson!, Cute things, Pink things, SHOES!, I need/want a bigger closet!, COACH! ^_^, my lover!, money to spread around to my fam, GOING GREEN EVERYONE IS STARTING TO DO IT AND NEED TO DO IT MORE AND MORE! :), beaches, air conditioning :) hahahaha, OMG MY CAT SOCKS! I LOVE HIM HES SO HOT AND AWESOME AND CUTE!, thats all for now :)
Favorite Movies SCARY MOVIES ARE SCARY! but i can watch some but i'll prolly scream like a little girl ^-^ hehehe but thats all the better to watch em wit me ^.~.....but no foreal i like lots of comedy haha i LOVE to laugh i donno any movie that really interests me. I'll give the specifics later
Favorite Music Pop, Punk, Hip Hop, RnB, Techno, House, Trance...etc., ah some Country haha dats bout it don't really like rock unless its hot....
Favorite Books I like books i like manga better because there are pictures! ^_^ hahaha shut up! dont hate! LOL Peach Girl WOOT! ^_^ Awesome book i bought two of the books and i finished them in like 2 days LOL i tried my hardest to put it down and save some for the next day but i couldn't LOL

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