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Occupation Engineer
Location Orange County, CA, United States
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Introduction I grow up in an island where everybody knows everybody. I'm glad there's a place for me to write on anything to free my mind from all the clutters. At least, it's not stuck and accumulated somewhere inside. I believe we all have to live, learn and share:) That's the very best inspiration for me to write. We all have unique experiences, different situations and options; yet, everything remains the same. The principle is always the same no matter how far we've gone through. At some point- we are all beginners. Sometimes we thought we already learned enough but just so desperate to realize there's still much to learn and that life is too short to get left out in the wayside. We are but each other's gifts and it's our responsibility to share ourselves:)
Favorite Music Light and Shades, Beauty and Madness, Amazing Grace, My Love Will See You Through