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Gender Female
Occupation Writer, Dancer,
Location United States
Introduction I'm a writer. Most people don't generally know this because when I write, I like to hole up with a mug of hot tea and forget the rest of the world exists. I've always loved art. Colors, patterns, and just general Going My Own Way has been in my bones since I was a child, usually only exhibited in what I wear and how I decorate the spaces and tools around me. My original passion was and always will be writing, just like my first love will always be Yahweh. But what I think I've learned over the years of web design is that no matter how hard you try, you can go into a project thinking one thing, and you'll almost always come out thinking something else. God gave me the tools, now I'm going to use them. All the glory to God.
Interests Dance, Writing, Graphic Design, Fashion