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Gender MALE
Location Dallas, TX, United States
Interests 20s ex-pats, 45s, 50s r&;b, 60s soul, 78s, addiction, art, b&;w photography, bar culture, beat generation, beatnik literature, bettie page, billy childish, billy wilder, blues, broadcasting, brunettes, bukowski, burlesque, cemetaries, charlie parker, cigars, classic cars, classic country music, classic punk rock, coffee, collectibles, complex personalities, cute girls, cynicism, david lynch, dogs, dreams, earl king, eccentric people, elia kazan, ernie k-doe, estate sales, ethnic food, fellini, female sexuality, filet mignon, film noir, frank sinatra, french new wave cinema, french quarter, guitar slim, halloween, hallucinations, high fashion, holding hands, hollywood, italian food, italian neo-realism, japanese samurai films, jazz, jessie hill, jim jarmusch, john waters, jukeboxes, kissing, legs, louise brooks, louisiana history, mardi gras, marx brothers, mental illness, mexican food, miles davis, music history, new orleans, oak trees, old movies, optimism, passion, pessimism, peter jackson, photojournalism, pinup art, pop culture history, poppa stoppa, radios, restaurants, road trips, rockabilly, sarcasm, second lines, secrets, serial killers, sidney bechet, silent films, sleeping, snooks eaglin, stanley kubrick, streetcars, sunday funnies, texas history, thelonious monk, thrift store shopping, tommy ridgely, travel, vaudeville, victorian architecture, vintage clothes, vintage movie posters, vinyl lps, w.c. fields, whispers, william burroughs, world travel, writing, yard sales
Favorite Movies Just about anything by Hitchcock, David Lynch, Stanley Kubrick, Fellini, John Waters, Jim Jarmusch, Wes Anderson, Elia Kazan, Billy Wilder, The Marx Brothers, French New Wave Cinema, Italian Neo Realism, Classic Japanese Samurai Films, Silent Films, etc...
Favorite Music Oh, You'll see...
Favorite Books Pretty much anything by Hemmingway, The Beat Writers, Bukowski, Jim Thompson, Peter Guralnick, I read lots of non-fiction...