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Industry Accounting
Occupation Interior Design
Location Dallas, Tx, United States
Introduction You should just read my blog to learn about me. Seriously. ;-) PS - I've changed my "industry" away from Accounting a zillion times, but the blogger keeps wanting to put me there. Trust me, no one wants me to be their accountant. :-D
Interests This is always the most ridiculous part of the blogging. What are you interested in? Please define yourself in our little box. Pish. I climb rocks. I do a lot of yoga. I read a lot and I watch a lot of movies. I write. I sing (badly). I take pictures of everything. I cook. I eat. A lot. I decorate. I'm interested in enjoying my life.
Favorite Movies Oh...this is always tough to pick the top ones. I dig Kinky Boots. Fight Club. Anything Danny Boyle and/or David Fincher have put their touch on. Trust me.
Favorite Music I'm an equal opportunity music lover. Except I don't like music that isn't intelligent. Like that rap that just repeats the same four-word sentence over and over and the beat never changes. Even if you're stoned, that stuff is going to drive you nutty.
Favorite Books I'll just list Authors: Margaret Atwood, Nick Hornby, Laurie R King, Chuck Palahniuk, Graham Joyce, Thomas Harris, Kurt Vonnegut, Ira Levin, Scott Westerfeld (current favorite author) and I have to give props to Cecily Von Zegeisar for the Gossip Girl series. I'm completely addicted and I <3 the new show.

Why is my cat meowing at me?