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Location United States
Introduction I love my pets and all animals. I have five dogs, three Maine coon cats, one cockatiel, one bunny, salt water fish tank and a fresh water fish tank. I also have two teenagers and my daughters' fiance who is living with us. I work full time as a sales representative, I'm the Senior Deacon at Church and all this keeps me busy, busy, busy. My pets are kind, gentle, funny, amazing and they seem to have many different personalities. All they want is to be treated with love. I grew up on a farm with many pets from hamsters to horses and I never thought in a hundred years I would have so many pets when I left my childhood home. I thought having a lot of pets was crazy, but I do have a lot of pets and it is a lot fun and a lot of hard work keeping up with their appointments from the vet to the groomers and everything in between. In our home, the pets are part of the family. I hope you enjoy my pet stories and tips. If you would like to ask me a question, please email me at ~ Thank you
Interests My kids, my pets, animals in general, going green, gardening, playing piano, blogging, friends, riding bikes, drinking coffee, talking on the phone, selling my antiques
Favorite Movies Jane Austin movies, Field of Dreams, Any Love Story
Favorite Music All types as long it's calming.
Favorite Books The Shack, Shopaholic Series, I call it the Shopaholic "Trilogy"!