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Location East Bay, CA, United States
Introduction I started making candy with my church in 1974. It began with peanut brittle. I never really cared for peanut brittle until I tried theirs. WOW! So light and easy to chew. The following year we added fudge, rocky road, and divinity to the menu! Our family moved to Walnut Creek to start a home missions church. I was making candy for occasional fund raising events and working full time. We had 2 children with SMA and our son became extremely ill. With the need to spend more time with him I quit my job. My co-workers had encouraged me to start making candy as a business so I could still have some income and be there when my family needed me. Everybody had been calling me "The Candy Lady" for quite some time so it was easy to use as my business began. I soon started a route in the Bay Area -The rest is history- My candies have won blue ribbons and have been shipped all over the world. I have made many wonderful friends that have been my faithful customers for over 3 decades. As you browse my blog you'll discover all the delicious items that are available. Once you taste it I know you'll be back for more. :) Happy Shopping :) -Carole Kerr The Candy Lady