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Introduction I am a time traveling lady born in well, the mid 1800's will have to suffice. With a device called a Vibration Disrupter I, and many others, are able to travel backwards and forward in time in multiple universes; we primarily preform social and scientific experiments and then determine if the effect is desirable. The most desirable outcomes are used by the Consortium in Universe 1, or Primeline to better rule their Earth. I, personally,conduct similar experiments for my own personal knowledge but only yours, Universe 18, has a way for me to communicate to it through time so I will indulge my love of Future History there, where you reading this must live. Due to that communication ability, and since you rank so low on the desirability list (you are 18th of 20 acknowledged by the Consortium) I will use my special knowledge of what may have been and what can be in order to recreate and even improve the near utopia of Universe 1. I will be no despot, but I do believe that only I have the literal foresight to lead your, and now my, world.