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Gender Male
Location Kowloon Tong, Hong Kong, Hong Kong
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Introduction This planet is sick. Just look at the place I am living. The global warning effect has turned Hong Kong into a place with no winter. I like winter more than any other seasons. There is a big price to pay if we continue to ignore our global environment. Please, for the sake of your next generation, consume less paper, less fuel and do not use excessive plastic bags. A simple life is definitely better than a luxurious life.
Interests Body Combat, Body Balance, Body Pump, RPM, Windows OS, Networking, Linux, MP3, Red Hat, Mandrake, Debian, Apple ipod, bullshit, TCP/IP, firewalls, packet filtering, CCNA, VoIP, IPv6, Network security, CISSP, CISA
Favorite Movies No even one.
Favorite Music Hard rock, heavy metal, blue, disco and soul.
Favorite Books Any books about Red Hat and Mandrake, Cisco, Susie, forensics, ethical hacking, system and network security, firewall and stateful or stateless packet filtering etc.