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Gender MALE
Industry Non-Profit
Occupation Kill the Infidel
Location Afghanistan
Introduction Is all kinds of good stuff from your favourite Muslim extremist. I review latest movie and describe my colorfull life happenings here in the beautiful Kabul. You is pritty womans ? You email Moohammed now, you is no disappoint. I is make loving so long, you is no looking at watch, you is needing calendar. Also, join me on my excitings journey as i attempt to assassinate husband of Canadian-Korean actress, Grace Park, and win her love.
Interests disco, pretty ladies, travel to america, AK47, making love, writing poetry, jihad, blowing shit up, shooting stuff, chocolate, mountains, heroin, simpsons, family guy, borat, reading blogs of US army personnel stationed in Afghanistan, humor, american dad, car bombs, petrol bombs, laughing, crying, telling lies, anthrax, fertiliser, barbeques, walking, cellphone-activated bombs, Hannah Montana, kidnapping, growing beard, flirting, international terrorism, Father Ted, reading the Qu'ran, assassination, Japanese game shows, Friends, goats, William Shatner, Al Qaeda, Grace Park, Battlestar Galactica, Star Trek, Pakistan, eating goat, Arabs, Jews, provoking international outrage, hiding, rocket propelled grenades, caves, turbans, shooting at planes, running, jogging, sprinting, diving for cover, cheese, anti-americanism, camels, smuggling, power, world domination, kebabs, fighting, singing, infidels, shouting, slippers, belly dancing, yoga, machine guns, trees, random acts of violence, ambush, kittens, baking, torture, wrestling, impaling, knitting, sunshine, romance, edward james olmos, shitting in a hole, simpsons, alan rickman, the daily show, the shield, the wire, smoking pipe, food, licking my lips suggestively, pouting, seinfeld, Afghan Idol, exploring my Scottish ancestry, fat Mexicans
Favorite Movies deep impact, united 93, cloverfield, godzilla, world trade center, rendition, sleeping with the enemy, the man with two brains, fight club, die hard, anything with terrorists
Favorite Music frankie goes to hollywood, bee gees, abba, the carpenters, savage garden
Favorite Books the quoran

What would you wear for camouflage if you were hiding in a gingerbread house?

I is no hide gingerbread house. Peoples in Kabul is eat this house very quick.