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Introduction My name is Kim. I am the stay-at-home mother of two young children. The Tine (age 2) is a spirited (aka utterly exhausting) toddler who keeps me wavering at the brink of INSANITY. Bady is our newest addition whose pasttimes include melting hearts with his crazy, crooked smile as well as extruding a pungent goop that defies the odorless myth of the breastfed baby. My husband, J, gets down in the dirt when it comes to our kids and serves as my confidant, personal assistant (cause let’s face it... I run this place), and, of course, my well-worn punching bag. I love my kids to a nearly painful degree (though it often doesn’t surface until after bed-time) and wouldn’t trade my growing family for the world... although possibly for just one HOT cup of coffee...