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Introduction The only thing I have in common with Katharine Hepburn is that I make her brownies. (They're very good.) I wish I had her cheekbones, and that I looked as good in pants. Mostly, I wish I had her attitude, and am belatedly trying to incorporate it into my otherwise non-attitudinal life. I'm a writer, editor, and L.A. native loving her Part 2 in New York City.
Favorite Movies Hepburn: The African Queen, The Philadelphia Story, Stage Door, Alice Adams, Pat and Mike, The Lion in Winter, Adam's Rib, Desk Set...oh, forget it—all of them. Non-Hepburn: Galaxy Quest, Paper Moon, My Left Foot, Day for Night, The Station Agent, Ma Vie en Rose, Nashville, Citizens Band, American Graffiti, original Star Wars, The Big Chill...