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Occupation Estudiante
Location Puerto Rico
Introduction I am not really in to the describing myself bit so I'll just fun fact it. My name is Eiry Nieves and I am 26 years of age. I have four older brothers, which would explain my un-lady like manners. I am the kind of person that always goes for the underdog, I can't help it. I laugh really, really loud. My defense mechanisms are nervous laugh and use of sarcasm, which sucks when taking a test because my Professors trend to think I am copying somebody's work. I am inarticulate, more so when there is somebody I like. And finally, I love naming things or animals. Yep...random facts.
Interests I love writing more than anything else. It's like my way of venting out.
Favorite Music My music taste is very eclectic. I don't care for one particular genre. If when I hear it the song moves me, I'll look it up and make it mine.
Favorite Books I love Sherrilyn Kenyon and Sarah Maclean. But being honest, I rather give each book a chance intend of going for it just because of an author's name.