About me

Gender MALE
Industry Environment
Occupation Solar Specialist
Location Clovis, California, United States
Interests Biodiesel, Sportbikes, Graphic Design, Cafepress, Airsoft, Bodyboarding, Indie Allies, Emerging Church, Postmodernism, Fair Trade, Adbusters, Soy, Damah Film Festival, Social and Environmental Issues, Sustainability, Quantum Physics, Wardriving, Half Life 2, Halo, Youth Ministry, Alternative Energy, Snakes, alt.worship, Emerging Church
Favorite Movies The Three Amigos, Mr. Holland's Opus, Radio, Never Cry Wolf, What about Bob?, The Matrix, Deap Poets Society, What Dreams May Come, Patch Adams, Dumb and Dumber, O Brother Where Are Thou, Office Space, Lord of the Rings, Fight Club, Elf, The Village, The Corporation, Shawshank Redemption, Endless Summer, Invisible Children, Primer, The Terminal, The Machinist, Big, Rat Race, Damah Film Festival, House of Flying Daggers, Supersize Me, The Island, Crash, Invisible Children, Finding Neverland
Favorite Music Coldplay, Chemical Brothers, Moby, Radiohead, U2, Blue Man Group, Godspeed You Black Emperor, David Crowder, DJ Synergy, DJ Z Trip, Coldcut, The Postal Service, Robbie Seay Band, ATB, DJ Jordan, Buddha Bar, Lemon Jelly, Mauro Picotto, Kittyrock, Timbre, Andy Hunter, Winter Wardrobe, Jupiter Sunrise, Rec. Hat, Snowman Plan, Tablets Of Orion, audio/fault, aquarelle, Emery Reel, Greenday, Red Wanting Blue, The Killers, The Wiggles (Allison's fav also), Scala, Brian Eno, Imogen Heap, Thievery Corporation
Favorite Books Tarzan, A New Kind of Christian, The Story We Find Ourselves In, The Myth of Certainty, Blue Like Jazz, Dissappointment with God, Rumors, Generous Orthodoxy, Caring for Creation, Sex, Economy, Freedom & Community, The Message, The Divine Conspiracy, Emerging Worship

If you were a cannibal, what would you wear to dinner?

A leisure suit made of the skins of all my enemies.