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Gender MALE
Industry Maritime
Occupation Research/Music/Human Revolutionary Biology
Location Kuala Walu Wiki, Nor Calif, U.S. Outlying Islands
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Introduction يشعي Main: Just regular, suke enjoying sharing some down-time wit ~ folks recharging with a cup of coffee/blend/tea/water or emotional massage or prayer. Also seeking female diver/singer to play role, private space when needed. Marriage & kids are important to me, so I let God lead. Motto: Always leave room for miracles, even coincidental ones. Tears wash the face and clear the sight. Tigers can kill, but losing love can make me cry, I'm no wimp so don't even try, unless your heart is innocent and shy. "Impossible" is a lie I once believed in totally, an error that nearly killed me. Never forget, all things are possible. Faith~Grace~Love~Percaya~Ke'selam -=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-= -=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-= Thanks to "(^+^)" (a very nice pussy cat) for suggesting a name for the blog. Peace bless all you. I~slam cuzz I~am said da tok Ring it up for da tok king! hmm Bling it ON diva~sistah~grrrlfren 2 d` king X Bling @ ALAS MY LOVES @ CASALAMB @ RAMARAMADANMARIPOSA~ hehehe
Interests Music, tropical diving, mencari -mendepat diva-buddy, fishing, whatever, what else is there? oh yeah, catnaps in the sun under a palm tree and backfloating in the blue lagoon? hehehe
Favorite Movies "Swiss Family Robinson" what an old school classic of island lore. Too many good new ones to mention, even though I never closely watch em...hahaha
Favorite Music Wings Prayers And Teddy Bears, Why Oh Why I See, Riding The Storm Out, Brown Eyed Girl, Tidurlah Wahai Permaisuri, Maafkan Ku, Kiss Me, Gerimis Senja, Chwor So Lor, Arirang, O Cok guzel diama - y ilancinin biridi (Cilgun!), Good to be King for a day (Tom Petty)
Favorite Books "Synergetics" by Bucky Fuller Geometric explorations, geodesic domes, etc. (skim aje, SYMPLEX!) "Scars of Evolution" by Elaine Morgan (best~ler tok pompuan)

If mud is dirt plus water, what is clay?

Aluminum silicate & iron oxides & air ~ dihydrogen oxide. Next Q JACK! I Sees ta Day. Ce la vie! Viva Nu Yorikans & Los Angelinos!