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Occupation small business owner
Location Bedford, Texas, United States
Introduction "The will of God will never take me where the grace of God will not protect me." You ever feel the winds of change? Well, 2006 blew in with winds that just about knocked down a few acres of barbed-wire fence around my life. It was a beginning and it became my "decade of change." Or, so I "planned." I knew change was not all within my control. But, I knew I could have a profound effect on most obstacles sure to come my way. And, just like potholes on the old dirt roads, some of the changes were little dips and others just about knocked my chassis out of alignment (maybe it did from time-to-time). My second career began with the year 2009. I had grown up around food and great cooks. I learned to cook right along side of them. It was during those years, next to the stove and oven, that I attached food to love. To cook for and feed folks was a complete blast for me. I jumped in with both boots and never looked back. Not too long after I had it all running pretty smoothly, the wind picked up again. Moved to the Austin area. Shut down my business and took up working in retail. Six years down that road and the winds changed direction, blowing me back closer to home.
Interests God, faith, hope, family, becoming fit toward 50, cooking, baking, feeding people, reading, blogging, quotes, thinking, 60% or more dark chocolate, white chocolate, chocolate, catering, at-home business, coffee, collecting recipes, antiques, snowmen, faux chickens and roosters, writing, my silver hair, tattoos
Favorite Movies Fireproof, The Thin Man series, Pirates of the Caribbean, musicals
Favorite Music Southern Rock, Country, Jazz, Classical, Gospel, "Saving Grace" (theme song) by Everlast
Favorite Books The Shack

The squish of mud between your toes; how would you live your life as a frog?

If I were a frog, my life would not be so different from now. For, I would have learned by now that, as a frog or human, wings could prevent my ass from hitting the cement every time I jumped. And that no amphibian nor human power could restore me to sanity. Note: Wings not available at this time!