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Occupation Musician
Location Ravenna, Italy
Introduction ?ALOS Muse of Chaos (queer-pagan-doom-avant-metal) Queer because she doesn't admit gender identity Pagan because she's against all religions Doom because her music is slow, physical and piercing Avant because her sound is not current Metal because it's inside her ?Alos is this and much more: music, performance, dance, political activism, social critic, history, feminism, anarchy. ?Alos is the shape of chaos. ?Alos is a musician and an experimental performer, from 2003 she melts these disciplines to create shows/performances in which live music is a basic element. Her work surpasses the boundary between performing arts, integrating experimental music, performance, improvisation and video art and makes the audience participate actively in the show through the stimulation of the six senses. The feminine figure is the basis of each performative action and its role both in history and in the contemporary society is critically investigated.