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Introduction Clearly its suppose to be a blog on makeup by an Indian Girl - makeup, beauty, hair , nails , celebrity looks - the whole shebang. But the truth is - the main aim of my blog is to surprise you (& me). No, really it is. You could say that it is just another way of saying there is no set way this blog progresses day in and day out. And I could agree... But, pleasantly surprised you will be with the craziness around here. Be it boy talk or going through a health nut phase I keep myself on my toes and will drag you along for the ride while chatting about beauty all along ! In short its a blog with a personality - a desi personality ! Much Love - Indian Girl ******************************************************************************************* Indian Girl Eats - Not to clog my makeup / beauty blog with my love for food. I decided to open another blog to reduce the craziness on AIMB and take it to a whole another level of food crazy on a whole another blog - hence Indian Girl Eats