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Gender MALE
Occupation Barista
Location Moreno Valley, California, United States
Introduction Joe was born in a small seaport village in southern Italy called Pesce in 1547. In 1561, after surviving what he suspected were Europe's most brutal years yet, Joe was swept up into a fanatical war among the Italian city states. At one point during the war, it was recorded that a massive amount of men assembled before the fortress south of Bologna. Their mass was so great when all together, that they tore a hole in the fabric of time and space and each man was sent to a different place in time. Joe, then Giuseppe, was sent to the year 2004 to the city of Moreno Valley. Five years later he has learned the language and culture of his new people, and has now made his life about teaching his Catholic faith to those around him. Joe is now a Graduate of the Creative Writing program at a University nearby.
Interests God (as should always be mentioned first), teaching about the faith, spending time with my Fiance, playing online games, hanging out with my brother, eating a nice meal with friends, going on retreat, Adoration, and writing.
Favorite Movies Fight Club, Black Swan, Star Wars
Favorite Music 80's New Wave, 80's Disco, 80's Pop, 90's pop, and electronic/dance, 90's hip hop, 2008ish power pop/emo/pop punk stuff.
Favorite Books The Quiet American, Starship Troopers, Fight Club, A Song of Ice and Fire.

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