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Gender Female
Occupation Food Service
Location New York, United States
Introduction There's some things that I've been through in life that are now coming back to haunt me and I fear that those thoughts are interfering with my ability to be happy and be a good mother. I've been bottling things up for so long because believe it or not I've no one to talk to. I'm beginning to feel trapped and unappreciative of people, places, and things that are very important to me. With that said I'm hoping to vent and express myself here rather than holding everything inside where it only eats me alive. I'm determined to get better...
Interests Friendships, Astrology, Science, Relationships, Psychology, History, Parenting, Health and Wellness
Favorite Movies Tequila Sunrise, Apocalypto, My Fair Lady, Mary Poppins, Despicable Me, The Hangover, Napoleon Dynamite, The Italian Job, Rocky....
Favorite Music Breaking Benjamin, Tom Petty, Eminem, Terri Clark, Luke Holmes, Vanessa Bley, The Eagles, Hall and Oats, Pantera, Metallica, Sublime, Cat Stevens, Katy Perry, Jewel...
Favorite Books The In Death Series by Nora Roberts, The Fifty Shades trilogy, Hitler's Last Days, Killing Lincoln, Kill Me by Steven White..

How can we bring the world together? How can we diminish cruelty and encourage unity?