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Gender Female
Industry Communications or Media
Occupation PR
Location London, England, United Kingdom
Introduction I want to live life to the fullest. Best advice I ever got was to live passionately and with conviction. It's a daily reminder and with help from God I can do that. He's my source and my strength. I'm constantly being reminded to focus on Jesus. He's definitely the initiator and I LOVE watching and responding to his Love.
Interests i'm living life, for God, just doing my best and leaning on Him to be my strength. I love quirky indy film, classic french cinema and my bed. I like listening to old french music, cooking for my friends, and running...(more and more each day!), I love my room, my home, my life (even when the next corner is dark, God lights my path), i want it all and i'm prepared to work hard, i love cuddling on the couch and popcorn at the movies (it's a must), I can't live without my bag, my blackberry or my friends and family. i adore God and want to fall more and more in love with Him (i hold to his promises). Even if no one else does I love brussel sprouts and escargot and Paris. LOVE paris...
Favorite Movies When Harry Met Sally, license to wed, Broomstick Men, Shawshank Redemption, Lean on Me, An American Tale, Double Indeminity, The Apartment, Princess Bride, Jaws, Ten Things I hate about you, The Breakfast Club, Sixteen Candles, Cinderella, Annie, The Sound of Music, A Clockwork Orange...etc...I studied film.....so...ya
Favorite Music We all think we’re going to be great and we feel a little bit robbed when our expectations aren’t met. But sometimes expectations sell us short. Sometimes the expected simply pales in comparison to the unexpected. You got to wonder why we cling to our expectations, because the expected is just what keeps us steady. Standing. Still, the expected is just the beginning, the unexpected is what changes our lives. It's about the music in the end. It's about that place you go to when you're tired, lonely, happy, sad, content, angry, frustrated. When you don't know what to say and don't know what to do you turn on your cd player/record player/iPod and just fall back into the place where you don't have to be anything but you.