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Industry Communications or Media
Location Delhi, Delhi, India
Introduction •♥´¨`♥••♥´¨`♥• Life is a tangle of twisting paths. Some short. Some long. There are dead ends. And there are choices. And wrong turns, and detours, and yield signs, and instruction booklets, and star maps, and happiness, and loneliness. And friends. And sisters. And love. And poetry. Life is a maze. You are a maze. I am a maze. Amazed (U). And amazing (ME). ;) •♥´¨`♥••♥´¨`♥• (not my creation though i changed d last lines)
Interests I dont stick to one thing for a long time...though i have had many hobbies......stamps collecting, painting, sleeping ( :p..LOL ), sketching, shopping ( dis one is a big one *haha* ), dese days its designing - photshop, pagemaker, flash and all.. i luv music and dancin... My biggest ever passion remains BOOKS..!!!(not academic :p)
Favorite Movies @@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@ titanic, final destination, troy, harry potter, finding neverland, pirates of the carribean, socha natha, gangster, ddlj, kkhh, khnh, father of the bride, a walk to remember, 50 first dates, jumanji (a must watch), ....m a total MOVIE BUFF...!!!..& can go for any movie bt shud be gud... @@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@
Favorite Music •♥´¨`♥••♥´¨`♥••♥´¨`♥• Music is a gift from God, How it heals the whole being! Sounds so sacred, vibrating throughout the universe. How could we be inspired without singing the ancient Psalter? Where would we be without the cantatas of Bach, The symphonies of Beethoven, the operas of Mozart? What would we do without the folk ballads of Bob, Joni, Buffie, and Bruce? Who could dance, sing, laugh or cry without The blues of B.B., the jazz of Miles, the rock guitarists like Jimmie, Eric and George? Music is heaven's official language, It fills the body with peace, the mind with creativity, The heart with love, the soul with complete union. Music is the vehicle wherein humankind journeys As one family of brothers and sisters without divisions and barriers. We travel with music to the wonders of the world, Places of such breathtaking, astounding beauty and sweet ecstasy. So wherever you may be or whoever you are, Sing a song, play an instrument dance with joy In this life-long ode to music. (not mine)
Favorite Books Thrillers-suspense ~~ bY- -robert ludlum~~the bourne identity (the movie is shit)~~ read the book if u really wanna feel it..>!!!, the ambler warning, the parsifal mosaic.... -mary higgins clark~~ all around the town, ....the black opal, i'll be seeing you, seven for a secret never to be told, /......uff many many... CHILDREN STORIES~~ -ruskin bond -j .k rowling -fairy tales -nancy drew -enid blyton~~ bed time stories, secret seven.... -panchatantra.. •♥´¨`♥•.....many again.......•♥´¨`♥•

What reason do you have to believe the earth is flat?

When i start beleiving that the earth is flat...that would be the day - i would completely stop reasoning- in other word...stop being logical and that would be the end for me...as for me sanity and logical minds are the one who live on....once you stop questioning U R DEAD..!!!