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Industry Internet
Location Everfree, Equestria
Introduction Do not underestimate the powers of Bombedrumbum. I am a music-loving brony who aspires to someday become loved through creating music or fanfiction, or whatever it is that you people would want. I am a jack of almost all trades. IRL, I am very secretive about being a brony, not letting anybody know that I am one. If you wish to contact me, simply do so on this Equestria Daily post: My brony friends (so far), because friendship is magic, are Jelfes, Dublio, Discord/jpar, and Octavia. Irl, however, I am what some would call a "drifter", not really having any good/close friends, but rather having many nice acquaintances and buddies :) Favorite quote (not necessarily verbatim): "i have no enemies, just friends who despise me" -Oscar Wilde. I am also a proficient musician, being a classical pianist. I also hope to contribute my writing skills, but, unfortunately, I don't exactly have an......adequate laptop to meet my needs. I am a single male ;)
Interests Trees, music, michael jackson, trolling other trolls to show them that trolling isnt nice while subtly promoting trolling, dogs, my little pony friendship is magic, making funny wise-cracks at people that appreciate good humor, composing music
Favorite Movies Hot Rod, The Princess Bride, Any Charlie Brown movie, The Lion King, all Mr. Bean movies, The Pursuit of Happiness, The Lion King, The Prestige, Beauty and the Beast
Favorite Music Classical, Eurobeat Brony, Makkon, Makkon06, Josh Groban, I dont hate or love Justin Bieber; I just really dont care about him, Michael Jackson, Trololo, anything that annoys the people next door, Mr. Scruff, My own, Scatman John
Favorite Books The Children of Húrin, Moby Dick, Beowulf (the original book; not the new re-writes of it), Flowers for Algernon, Miss Frisby and the Rats of Nimh, Holy Bible

You're trapped in a well with a goat and a slinky. Describe how you will escape.

Why would I ever even WANT to escape?! That sounds like fun!