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Location United States
Introduction "Mere anarchy is loosed upon the world." - William Butler Yeats, 'The Second Coming'

There's not much to say about myself that is worth saying - but the writing's the thing. Another etiolated recluse trying to beat a novel or two or ten into submission.
Favorite Movies "Six String Samurai", "Blade Runner", "A Clockwork Orange", "The Lord of the Rings" trilogy, the Mexico Trilogy, "Star Wars" (Episodes IV and V, and to a lesser extent, III and VI), the Evil Dead Trilogy), "Gattaca", "V for Vendetta", "Lost in Translation", "Snatch", "Lock Stock and Two Smoking Barrels", "24 Hours in London", "A Better Tomorrow II", "God of Killers", "Dark City", "Versus", "Donnie Darko", "Garden State", "The Returner", "Mad Max" and "The Road Warrior", "Terminator 2", "The X-Files: Fight the Future", "Willow", "Who Framed Roger Rabbit?", "The Lost Boys", "Fantasia", "Equilibrium", "The Gods Must Be Crazy", "Samurai Fiction", "The Seven Samurai", "Hardboiled", "The Killer", "Labyrinth", "The Big Lebowski", "The Dark Crystal", “The Shawshank Redemption”
Favorite Books "The Jungle Book I & II", "Captains Courageous", "The World Inside", "The Barbed Coil", "Lord of the Rings", "Samurai Cat Goes To The Movies", "Samurai Cat Goes To Hell", "The American Outlaw Poetry Bible", "American Gods", "Neverwhere", the Elric and Dorian Hawkmoon novels, The First and Second Books of Lankhmar, the Conan novels

What spells can you cast with magic markers?

Explosive runes, magic circle against law, symbol of pain.