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Industry Communications or Media
Occupation Home Maker (as of now)
Location Earth ;)
Introduction I am a level-headed person who tries to be well read and well informed...I try to be on my toes with all thats' happening around.Its just one life and one world. My motto-Live it to the hilt! My tete-a-tete's with the kitchen started only after getting married and quitting work.But in the past one year I have had so much fun in the kitchen that I couldn't help but share it with friends around the world. Come share my joy!
Interests I have varied interests. Namely, painting, reading, cooking, adventure sports, basket ball, swimming, talking (, networking, etc etc. (not necessarily in the same order)
Favorite Movies Not a movie-buff...yet watch quite a few. Romantic comedies, Thrillers, Horror, Sci-Fi, Mythological, Historical, Parallel/Art Cinema, all in all...every thing! (if I have the willingness and the time).
Favorite Music RnB, Jazz, Trance, Folk, Arabic, Hip-Hop, Soft melodies...anything that makes me either hum along or get up and dance.:-)
Favorite Books OH this place is too short to name all. Ask me about a book and I will tell...and I trust that mostly the answer will be "Yes, I have read that." (followed by the synopsis).

What was the stage name of your favorite actress before she was born?

My favourite actress was born with me...rather 'within me'