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Gender MALE
Location Serbia
Introduction A patriotic anti-jihad, anti-nazi, anti-whatever-post-modern-ism that plagues today's world blogger from Serbia. IMO, in today's Europe and the US terms like "left" and "right" or "conservative" and "liberal" are largely obsolete and that today we should mainly speak of traditionalists and post-modernist relativists which very often find common ground with the jihadists.
Interests politics, football, sports in general, movies, entertainement, arts, music
Favorite Movies Revenge of the Sith, The Wild Bunch, Apocalypse Now, Der Untergang, Aces high, Escape to Victory(you thought I'd forget that one? HA!), Das Wunder von Bern(another football movie except this time it's the Germans that win against all odds), Departed, Clockwork Orange, Halloween, Inglorious Basterds, a score of Serbian and ex-Yugoslavia films nobody outside of that realm heard of propably
Favorite Music Wagner
Favorite Books Lord of the Rings(obviously), War and Peace, Moby Dick, Animal farm, Fever Pitch(bet you never saw that one coming), Hitler Hubris and Nemesis(Ian Kershaw's two volume biography)