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Occupation minister-philosopher
Location N40 by W123, United States
Introduction The dude who passes on the blessings and tries to teach people about the Dharma.
Interests Meta-geniuses and their teachings, the overlooked essential teachings of Buddha, Christ and Tao, music: classical, jazz, funk and piquant pop anthropology, the dying of the West, pretty much everything.
Favorite Movies List by request.
Favorite Music Ludwig van Beethoven, John Coltrane, tenor saxaphone Aretha Franklin, vocalist George Handel Donald Fagen, composer Felix Mendelssohn, composer Aaron Copland, composer Peter Cetera, tenor Sol Ta Triane, composer, tenor Clifford Brown, trumpet Stephen Foster, songwriter Franz Shubert, songwriter (lieder) Richard Rogers, songwriter, (music) Miles Davis, E.S.P. album Stanley Clarke, electric bass Chick Corea, piano, keyboard Keith Jarrett, piano Georges Bizet, composer Dewey Redmond, saxaphone Richard Rogers, composer Glen Gould, piano Jimmy Webb, composer
Favorite Books The Diamond Sutra (Lotus Version) I Ching, Book of How Everything Works Tao Te Ching, Lao Tzu Tao Teh Ching, (Dao Deh King), Diamond Sutra, The Gospel of Jesus Christ, "The Gospels" The Bible, Sutra of Hui Neng, Teachings of the Zen Master Hakuin, Hakuin Wild Ivy (Hakuin), The Embossed Tea Kettle (Hakuin) The Life and Enlightenment of Yeshe Tsogyal, Yeshe Tsogyal Namthar Termas (Treasures) of Padmasambhava, many Shobogenzo (Dogen) As it Is (Tulku Urgyen), Lotus Sutra (Buddha) Dakini Teachings (Padmasambhava), Advice from the Lotus Born (Padmasambhava)